Thee Infidels – Evilution

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Review from ‘Squat The Media’…

Yeah, there are definetely not enough crackrocksteady Bands in this stupid country. In fact I only know Braindead, No Choice Left and Thee Infideels, who would fit into this description of music, which to me means, political influenced Skapunk without Brass and sometimes with Dub and Crustpunk influences. Definitely a very cool style of music!
The new Infidels record seems to me like one of the best releases in this genre during the last years. The intro with the church choir and the following “shut up“ gives a great start! Unlike a lot of Crackrocksteady Bands, which mostly play melodic Punk with really few offbeat influences, Thee Infidels find a good balance between both. I really like that, because normally I like the ska influenced songs in this genre a lot more. All the songs have a good flow and you never get the feeling, that one part was kind of forced in.
My favorite track up to now is definitely Day on Replay. It makes me want to open up a beer right now, which is kind of a bad idea because the day is much too young for that. Also the guitar intro reminds me of The Fractions. Another great track is Global Unity with the Night Gaunts and the Stupid Stupid Henchmen. I would have expected this track to sound more like Night Gaunts, but it’s still the style of the band with just little influences of New Zealands finest. Great!
At the moment this great piece of music can only be purchased online, because the band is still looking for money to pay for a pressing of an LP. I really hope they will manage to get the money, because I would really like to have this one as an LP.
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