The Turbo A​.​C​.​’s / Christmas Split 7″


Split 7″ vinyl featuring The Turbo A.C.s and their surf-laden punk rock, and Christmas with their hardcore punk rock-n-roll!

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The Turbo A.C.s / Christmas Split 7″

The Turbo A.C.s are the world’s finest Surf Guitar Punk Rock!! What better time and place to write the perfect surf laden punk rock record for a new generation of kids who despise the government, their parents, and each other? What better person than Kevin Cole to lead the way? The battle-scarred rock n roll stalwart who’s had every shitty hand life can deal and still ends up on a beach like Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption!

Everything was better in the old the days. Everything but CHRISTMAS, whom became more unstoppable from year to year. While other bands pop up and quickly burn again, CHRISTMAS have decided to simply survive all assholes.

Christmas have not let up over the last 10 years with other 13 releases in 10 years, 500 gigs across 13 countries and 14 worn-out former band members. The hardcore train rolls, armored with tons of bottle caps, powered by all-burning insane idealism (with emphasis on insane). Always demonically grinning in the face of the seemingly dead spirit of Rock-n-Roll, just on the abyss of post-punk history and CHRISTMAS looks still damn good!

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