The Shitty Limits – Beware The Limits

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We could wheel out all the tired old cliches of The Shitty Limits being one of the most exciting bands to have crossed our paths in a very, very long time who have a sound that mixes 60’s garage, 70’s punk and 80’s hardcore in frenetic songs backed up by explosive live shows that have gained a formidable reputation in the DIY scene and that this is one of the most hotly awaited debuts in a long time- but why bother dealing in cliches?

Track listing

1. Transititions

2. Head For Figures

3. Smart Guys

4. Your Limits Are My Limits

5. Vehicle

6. Just Like Before

7. Swallowed Whole

8. Wonderflow

9. Hard Wired

10. Show Me

11. Television

12.Beware The Limits


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Label: Boss Tuneage

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