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**This is a pre-order. The album will be shipped ahead of it’s release on the 15th April. If you want another release to arrive sooner, please order separately.**

Ferocious, fuzzy, feline-inclined… The Sewer Cats are an explosive Manchester-based punk duo delivering riotous tunes of patriarchy-smashing fury. We’re very excited to welcome them to the TNSrecords family. Have we got a treat for you? Their short and snappy songs have been described as ‘catchy and scathing’, bursting with hooky riffs drenched in fuzz and aggressive riot-grrrl vocals, all served up with a big helping of sass.

Their debut album ‘Cute Aggression’ is now available to pre-order on white vinyl with neon pink splatter and CD. It will drop on the 15th April. ‘Cute Aggression’ follows on from The Sewer Cats’ frenetic debut EP ‘Zelda’, released in 2020. Written during lockdown, ‘Cute Aggression’ sees the band tread a darker path both lyrically and sonically, whilst embracing their wider musical influences. The result is a varied record that fuses The Sewer Cats’ classic garage punk and riot grrrl roots with smatterings of hardcore, atmospheric post-rock, doom and emo-hardcore.

Vocalist (and drummer) Cass gives a timeless and visceral vocal delivery on ‘Cute Aggression’. Dripping with sass, she explores feminist themes and the shit-storm of the political landscape that we find ourselves in. ‘Cute Aggression’ also delves into personal topics such as grief and loss and is clearly touched by the pervasive feeling that we seem to be careering towards a zombie apocalypse. It’s not all doom and gloom though, as The Sewer Cats still find time for their trademark tongue in cheek oddness, as epitomised by the title track and album ender.

The Sewer Cats have become known for their energetic live shows and fans will be pleased to hear that this is once again at the forefront of their latest release. ‘Cute Aggression’ is a huge sounding record with the band’s trademark fuzz-drenched guitar sound pounding out one massive riff after another.

‘Cute Aggression’ is full of changes in pace, tone and mood and is a record that keeps you on your toes from start to finish. With their debut album The Sewer Cats have found their feet as a band as they push themselves into new sonic territories.

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