The Kirkz – Unregrettable (CD Only)

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This is the pre-order for the Kirkz new album Unregrettable which is released on 26th June.

Unregrettable. The album The Kirkz have been threatening to make since the last one. In fact the album The Kirkz have been threatening to make since since the four of them came together in 1998. Scene outlasting, naïve to every punk rock trend over the last 17 years The Kirkz have always done things their own way. This is no doubt poles apart from the right way but that’s what we have to work with.

11 bolts of music, 24 blistering minutes. In all but their continued existence The Kirkz learnt long ago not to outstay their welcome. The Fifth Plague is foisted on you in same way 5 more years of hurt and degradation has been pressed into your arms. The wars “over there” are an ever present to the extent of background noise (Curtain Call, Tanks and Machinery). Yet the real drama is any outspokenness hurting someone’s feelings (They Came for Me). And the death of scandal as any outrage has a two week shelf life before it’s forgotten for a new trend (Need to Know). They say if you’re not angry then you’re paying attention. Well we’ve paid close attention.

As per 2010’s Agroculture, Unregrettable is released again on Manchester’s shining example, TNS Records. There is a limited run of CDs out there for as low price as we can do them. The album will also be available on the TNS Bandcamp on a “pay what you want basis”. It’s a pretty dam novel idea in 2015, how about we make the best album we can afford to off our own backs and then just give it to you for nothing?

It’s yours take it, give it a spin. Maybe you won’t regret it.

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