The Infested – Myths, Lies and Hypocrities 12″


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The UK’s crack rock steadiest band….

For fans of Leftover Crack and the likes

EHC Records are releasing their debut album for the first time on limited colour vinyl.


Hailing from Leeds in the UK, the Infested describe their sound to be similar to that of the numerous “Crack Rock Steady” bands, each of whom who have attempted to expand upon or recreate that infamous ska-core beat that first emerged with Choking Victim in the mid-`90s.

I first heard of the band back when I’d contentedly spend too much time online searching through scores of pages for that next dose of hard-hitting punk rock, particularly anything that echoed or (in some cases) blatantly plagiarised CV. At the time, the Infested, having underwent numerous lineup changes, had managed to release two decent but seemingly short albums. Now back with their official debut, Myths, Lies and Hypocrites released on EHC and Pumpkin Records, the Infested hope to cement themselves as a stable band once more.

It’s immediately obvious that the band intend to live up to their comparisons, as there are a lot of similarities to be drawn. — everything “Crack Rock” is here, from the growling, gravelly vocals, right down to the discrete, almost incongruous classical piano sections as heard in Leftover Crack releases. However, the production seems to be a lot rawer than the likes of LOC’s, and despite incorporating the obviously catchy but equally murky ska riffs associated with the previously mentioned genre, the Infested tend to go for a much more hardcore sound at times.

When considered lyrically, it’s exactly what you’d expect. One song, for example, advocates the right to assisted suicide (“The Right to Die”) and is a refreshing and intelligent introduction to the genre.

Having previously been through my “Crack Rock Steady” phase; I honestly didn’t expect this album to appeal to my tastes, but surprisingly, I discovered an album that manages to stand on its own, an album that, yes, pays homage to but is not restricted to the genre it has been categorized among.

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