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Influenced by US hardcore giants such as Black Flag and Poison Idea, classic UK bands like Discharge and Subhumans plus more recent punk favourites Flats, OFF!, Mauser, The Shitty Limits, Sudor etc, The Domestics don’t deal in filler riffs, just straight to the point, catchy, in your face hardcore punk, albeit with brief forays into non- 4/4 time signatures (the fucking show-offs).

The Keep it Lean album is brought to you by the cooperation of Dusty Curtain Face Records and Kibou Records and the lineup of James Domestic (vocals), Rhodes (bass), Chris DC (drums) and Ted Mint (guitar). Since its recording the lineup has been augmented by ex-I.C.H. man Ed Ache on second guitar who will appear on the bands next release.

The Domestics are firm believers in the D.I.Y. ethos and are involved with booking shows for bands in their area. They’re also dedicated to maintaining as much control over their music as possible. To these ends, Keep it Lean was recorded by Rhodes and mixed by Rhodes and main songwriter, James Domestic, in various rehearsal spaces and houses’ not an expensive (nor indeed, inexpensive) studio in sight. This is not a financially-driven compromise but an exercise in getting exactly what you want free from outside interference.

Fourteen songs of questioning, class conscious, socio-personal-political invective spewed into the void via steamroller drums, pummelling guitars and catchy as hell tunes is what you get on Keep it Lean’s twenty-one minutes. Frankly, what more could any self-respecting punk want from an album?

1) Stressed Out

2) I want to be feral

3)I’m damaged

4) Spit it out

5) Jimmys got a war (Inside his head)

6) Machine

7)Slave to clock time

8) Faith and hope

9) Never Enough

10) I want out

11) Pups

12) Nothing Factory

13) Dedication

14) Nightmare

Label:Dusty Curtain Face Records/ Kibou Records

Release Date: 2012

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