The Dauntless Elite – ‘Graft’ on vinyl


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Graft contains a dozen blasts of incendiary punk rock as only a band featuring ex-members of Joe Ninety and Fig. 4.0 could deliver. Politically astute and with a biting satire the band have finally recorded the album we’ve known they’ve had in them since day one and, while nods to Leatherface, American Steel and Dillinger Four are all given, this is unmistakable the sound of Leeds finest.

The CD release is a split release between us and the always awesome Plan-It-X Records while the LP version is a split release with the band’s own Cool Tool Records.

Graft follows the bands debut EP, Security?, and the split 7″s with The Because, Jets Vs Sharks and The Mercury League.


1) Running Battle

2) Gina U R A Bastard Liar

3) Ordinary Days (Close but no Seagal)

4) I am Ninja, My Life is Lonely and Difficult

5) Our Own Legends

6) It Takes a Ship to Sail

7) Shilling

8) I Can Move if Funk is Happening

9) Byte Sighs

10) You’re a Funny Guy… I’ll Kill You Last

11) Gallows Humour

12) Harbour Gates


Cat #: bomb022

Label: Bombed Out Records

Release Date: May 2007

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