The Creeping Cruds – Tenesse Bloodbath


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Horror Punk from across the pond.


It’s blood filled, ghoulish cover looks like every other horror release, but what follows boats a winning combination of confidence and lyrical humour. So even if horror isn’ your usual thing, the Creeping Cruds offer a safe bet for southern punkers looking for a good laugh.”


Track listing


1: Blood at The Door


2: Tennessee Bloodbath


3: I Was a Teenage Werewolf


4: I Kicked Dracula’s Ass


5: The Blob


6: My Best Friend’s Girl


7: Chainsaw a Go Go


8: Meat and Three


9: Mosquitos


10: Hellhounds


11: I Killed Santa Clause


12: Come Out Neville


13: Down in the Graveyards




Cat #: STK013


Label: Stikman Records


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