The Boss Tuneage Instant Singles Collection Volume 3 CD

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As part of Boss Tuneage’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations, welcome to the resurrected Boss Tuneage Instant Singles Collection! A CD compilation of six bands each contributing an EPs worth of unreleased tracks on one cheap price CD! – the original Instant Singles Collections were firm favourites of the late great John Peel who played many tracks from Volumes 1 and 2 released back in 2002/2003. For Volume 3 Boss Tuneage has got six of the finest current bands out there all to supply 19 totally new and exclusive tracks – FORMER CELL MATES, THE MAGNIFICENT, BEDFORD FALLS and DOWN AND OUTS from the UK, coupled with TEXTBOOK and RESTLESS HABS (ex THE UNKNOWN) from the USA. As with Volumes 1 & 2 cover art comes from highly respected French punk illustrator Stephane Delva (RAD PARTY fanzine). An awesome cheap way to check out six awesome bands!!

Track listing


1. FORMER CELL MATES – American English

2. FORMER CELL MATES – Shameless Casey

3. THE MAGNIFICENT – Buy More Crap


5. THE MAGNIFICENT – Walk A Mile In These Jeans

6. TEXTBOOK – Breaking This Spell That You’re Under

7. TEXTBOOK – Wasting All My Time

8. TEXTBOOK – Tear Calendar

9. BEDFORD FALLS – Beast Of Burden

10. BEDFORD FALLS – Magpies

11. DOWN AND OUTS – Checking For Life

12. DOWN AND OUTS – Steadying The Ship

13. DOWN AND OUTS – Tired Broke And Broken

14. DOWN AND OUTS – Knock Them Down

15. RESTLESS HABS – Troublesome

16. RESTLESS HABS – Finally

17. RESTLESS HABS – Like A Plan

18. RESTLESS HABS – Double Helix

19. RESTLESS HABS – Off Your Chest


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