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Review taken from Faster and Louder

Belgium’s Speedozer totally live up to their name on their scorching debut album. You see that name, and you imagine a machine of sonic destruction wreaking havoc at breakneck speed. And that’s exactly what you’ll hear! Out on the always dependable Zodiac Killer Records, this self-titled long player will indeed destroy anything in its path. Speedozer play loud, high octane rock n’ roll – and they do it with power, speed, and a ferocity that never lets up even for an instant. These dudes are pissed-off and primed to kill – and their weapons are pummeling riffs, red-hot guitar leads, bonecrushing bass lines, and relentlessly thumping drums. “Supercharged” tears out of the gates with pure speed and aggression – and at the point Speedozer is just getting started!

Like a punk rock Motorhead, these guys stay on the attack from wire to wire. They play every note of every song as if they’re trying to obliterate everything and everyone they despise. How can they possibly play this fast and this tight? Are they even human? As advertised, they are a veritable rock n’ roll war machine. And while a recording can never fully duplicate the experience of seeing a band tear it up live, this album is the next best thing. It’s very true to the band’s mission to keep rock n’ roll where it belongs: in the underground clubs and dive bars where cheap beer flows and the women are as fast as the music. There’s nothing better after a frustrating day of dealing with the shitty human race than blasting “Fuck Off n Die” at the highest possible volume. It’s truly an instant classic – and proof that Speedozer have the songwriting chops to match their insatiable sonic fury. Mixing light speed thrillers such as “Don’t Cheat On Me” and “Drugtrain” in with high voltage rock n’ roll smokers like “Go Loose” and “Gonna Fuck Tonight”, this album keeps the pedal to the metal but never grows repetitive. If you looked at the cover art and surmised that this band has to be fucking great, then you are 100 percent correct! You can buy the album on Amazon and iTunes under the title Supercharger, or order it on CD from Zodiac Killer. If you don’t love it, you are not to be trusted! 



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