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ARMCHAIR SUPPORTERS is the long awaited follow up to SOUTHPORT’s debut Nothing Is Easy album. It’s almost a decade since Nothing Is Easy was released, but SOUTHPORT are back with a bang and with arguably their strongest line up to date, featuring original SNUFF member Simon Wells on Guitar and Vocals joined by Dec Kelly (MIDWAY STILL) on Drums and Lloyd Chambers (BLOCKO) on bass. This isn’t another bog standard punk album – the thirteen tracks on offer show a significant progression in SOUTHPORT’s sound, where the trademark killer song writing and up-tempo melodic punk is complemented by 60’s mod power-pop sensibilities and a driving Hammond organ

Track listing

1. Days Like These

2. Snakes and Ladders

3. Calypso

4. White Lightning

5. Falling Man

6. Tighten Up

7. Edge of Something

8. Have it Both Ways

9. Summat for Nothin

10. Disco 3000

11. A Little Rain

12. New Oi For Jake

13. Optimism


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