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SOFAHEAD were formed from the ashes of legendary anarcho punks DAN, when guitarist Wal and bassist Ian teamed up with Lainey (LEATHERFACE, HDQ, RUGRAT) on drums, and Claire on vocals. Mainstays of the UK punk scene of the late 80s and early 90s, bassist Ian also ran legendary UK punk label Meantime records. Now, for the first time, are their first two albums “Pre Marital Yodelling” and “What A Predicament” together on one CD, completely remastered. The booklet features sleevenotes by Ian from the band and all lyrics. Another wonderful document to that halcyon era of underground melodic UK punk!

Track listing

1. Make It Worse

2. It Doesn’t Work

3. One For The Road

4. Fine Figure Of A Man

5. Invitation To Dinner

6. I Can See You

7. Come To Daddy

8. One Foot On The Ladder

(the other in the grave)

9. This Town



12.No More



15.Valium Hamster

16.Greenhouse Days

17.Boys Will Be Boys

18.Our Hero

19.Painted Smile

20.Have A Nice Day!

21.A World Fit For Nothing

22.Valium Housewife

23.Barbie & Ken (Go To The Seaside)

24.Outside Looking In


26.Falling On Deaf Ears


28.My Life As A Corpse

29.A Friendship Lost

30.Grown Ups

31.No Time

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