Skinny Genes – Ugh (7″)


This is the second 7” from Skinny Genes, aka Ace from Steinways/ Houseboat’s pop-punk solo project. Energetic and hooky pop punk.

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Released by Swamp Cabbage Records and It’s Alive Records

Keep Track of the Time Review:
“This is the second 7” from Skinny Genes, aka Ace from Steinways/Houseboat’s pop-punk solo project, where he basically does everything (writes the songs, sings, plays all the instruments). It’s almost every bit as good as his debut 7” “Meh” which came out a couple of years ago and is basically in the same vein: energetic and hook-y-as-fuck pop-punk. If you like any of the songs Ace sang in Steinways/Houseboat, you’re going to love this. “Words With Friends With Benefits” is probably the pick of the bunch, but they’re all great. The song bursts instantly into action, with the fast-paced and frenetic verses perfectly complementing the slowed-down, earworm-y chorus: “I need you, to  more


A1 Self-Defeat Champion Of The World
A2 Words With Friends With Benefits
B1 Don’t Do Something, Just Sit There
B2 Stallage

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