Shot Baker vs Serf Combat 7″

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UCR and HOTB team up to bring you a split between Chicago’s Shot Baker and London’s Serf Combat.

Shot Baker has been busy turning out consistently solid releases since 2003-2004 or so. Serf Combat is a relatively new melodic punk rock band formed from the ashes of Heroic Doses.

The bands and labels hammered out the ideas for this split through meeting up at Chicago’s Riot Fest over the past few years and so in the tradition of the Chicago vs Amsterdam split 7″(between the Bollweevils and Funeral Oration), this is our contribution, with a twist: both bands bring one new original and one cover song: covering a “famous” band from the opposite city. Serf Combat contribute an amazing version of the Bollweevils track ‘Talkpeople'(where they really add a Pegboy flavor tot he song) and Shot Baker do a fun straight up rendition of the Cock Sparrer classic: ‘England Belongs to Me’. So there you have it. Shot Baker recently went over the UK to support this split, hopefully Serf Combat will make it over for a tour as well.

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