Sewer Brigade – No Shortcuts To Glory LP


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The new breed of streetpunk from Barcelona: Sewer Brigade. Four regular working blokes pissed off with unemployment, prejudices, government policies, bills, modern football,… and other life’s deceptions who channel their rage through singalong songs (in Spanish and English) and catchy tunes (blended from different influencies). Old faces both in the crowd and in punk bands, these fellas plan to release their first LP “No shortcuts to glory” next 2015 Fall, and play all over Europe…
“No matter what the people say, we’ll keep our way” oi!

1.Sewer Brigade
2.Humble Fellas
3.True To Myself
4.Otra Noche En La Ciudad
5.Tears On My Face
6.No Shortcuts To Glory
7.Eternal Recurrence
8.Ángeles Caídos

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