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New album limited edition (50) t-shirt design.

“The recorded sound of Revenge Of… effortlessly captures the insanely contagious energy that defines their live sets… Ultimately, the album is thought provoking, forward thinking and doused with intensity… They also possess the ability to write songs with a social and political conscience as well as ones that encompass the exuberant nature of getting drunk and having a laugh… Revenge Of… are like the John Fante or Charles Bukowsi of punk; they are accessible to everyman. There is no pretension; they are simply intellectually challenging and emotive in the most straightforward of ways. Merge this with punk music that is hard and fast enough to make your ears bleed and you’re left with quite an incredible album.â€ï† Leanne Durr – Louder Than War


“It’s super fast, furious, frantic and to add another couple of f’s to the party…it’s fucking fantastic! You do need to get this album right away, in fact why not get their whole back catalogue. ROTPM are without a doubt one of my favourite UK bands!â€ï† Lights Go Out


“This band have everything you want in hardcore thrash punk, the speed, live shows beyond everything else and brilliant lyrics and song titles… More than highly recommended.â€ï†9/10 Danielle Millea – Leeds Music Scene

“Shattered Dreams still has absolutely all of the alcohol-soaked, adrenaline fuelled punk rock fun that made a generation of punks get pissed, talk shit and dance like idiots. Sub-fucking-lime.â€ï†

One Way Ticket To Cubesville

“It’s like a mental kick up the arse to make people get away from their TV screens take more action… It’s fast as fuck and they’re playing in a way that a lot of other bands seem afraid to do these days. Each time I listen to it, it makes me want to drink as fast as possible and break things. Which can only be a good thing.â€ï† 5/5 Shot In The Foot


“The best bits from those early 80’s USHC bands but add a British touch, then throw in some sussed yet original lyrics… The best thing on TNS to date! No Messing!â€ï† Savage Amusement


“How good? Fucking good! That’s how good. So enjoyable on so many levelsâ€ï† Issue


“Middle-finger-in-the-air punk rock that’s fast, fun and lacking in bullshit. Shattered Dreams Parkway is reminiscent of a mix of early Rancid, Kid Dynamite and The Steal… A furious racket!â€ï† 4/5 Big Cheese


“A fresh reminder of what punk rock should sound like – raw and DIY, whilst still sounding like the 3 lads playing it know what they’re doing.â€ï†FranxRants


“If you like your punk music heavy & fast then give Revenge of the Psychotronic Man a few minutes of your time – you’ll be hooked.â€ï†Punk Online


“A mighty fine new album.â€ï† Barbies Dead


“Revenge of the Psychotronic Man are most definitely one of the best punk bands around, their sound is punk at its most ferocious combined with lyrical finesse.â€ï†Click Manchester

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