PI$$ER – Crushed Down To Paste

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They’re back! And upping the ante in the d-beat / hardcore with weird saxophone stakes. The first 7”, Wretched Life created quite a stir and sold out superfast, and now Crushed Down to Paste takes things up a notch over the course of its 20+ minutes. The saxophone is employed more extensively (but still with those wonky-sounding lines we all loved on the 7”) and the vocal effects are cranked up to 11.

The material is dynamic, moving from the thrashing anti-fascist bile of Nazi Rhythm to the beguiling, almost soulful, Dance in the Light of Your Burning Bridges, the five minute+ ending to the record, channelling NEU! As much as IMPALERS or DISCHARGE in its urge to break away from a destructive past and start anew. This isn’t punk-by-numbers and it never will be.

Some have called PI$$ER a d-beat / hardcore / punk “supergroup” and, in fairness, they do feature members / ex-members of DOOM, ANTI-CIMEX, THE DOMESTICS, SORE THROAT, THE SHITTY LIMITS, REVENGE OF THE PSYCHOTRONIC MAN, PERSONNEL, WOLFHOUR, BEAT THE RED LIGHT, BRING THE DRONES, TOKYO LUNGS, UNICORN FART SUGAR, CABRO and more, but this band has a sound that no one else is making.

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