MBBP – The First Four Gig Photograph Book


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This is a 24 page handmade photography book of the first four MBBP gigs. The book is limited to just 16 copies, hand numbered, with a screen printed cover.

All pictures in the book were taken by Bev (TNS). He also handmade each copy binding and glueing the book together. The cover was screen printed by Andy (TNS/Revenge of…).

The book features pictures of Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Epic Problem, Yosser, Speed Dinosaurs, Manifest, The Stopouts, Matt Woods, The Vexed, War Party (last ever gig), A Sudden Vengeance Waits, SLUG, The Medicine Bow, Riggots, The Franceens, The Antiseptics, Jenkm, Tosserlad and Rising Strike.

The dedication is a quote from Damian Abraham’s podcast (Fucked Up). It reads “If you don’t like the culture in front of you… you can create change by creating your own culture. That is the best think about Punk Rock. That’s the ultimate take-away from Punk Rock. That DIY spirit. That can apply to everything and anything. Not just the sonic limits of Punk Rock… you can create your own culture.” Damian Abraham

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