Matilda’s Scoundrels – The Devil’s Dues

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Matilda’s Scoundrels are currently on a short hiatus. But they got there first before all bands were forced in to it. To help us not to forget their brilliance we have a new 7″ featuring two new tracks recorded during the “As The Tide Turns” sessions back in 2017. You can pre-order the 7″ now ahead of release on the 26th Feb.

If you’re new to Matilda’s Scoundrels they deliver a mix of traditional folk instruments and classic punk back line, blended with story telling lyrics, current affairs/important issues along with catchy choruses to make you drink, sing and dance. ‘Jousting Crowd’ and ‘Buckets Of Blood’ don’t disappoint. Whilst ‘Jousting Crowd’ has been in and out of our live set many times over the last 5 years, ‘Buckets Of Blood’ only made a handful of live appearances.

“If fishing is a sport then jousting should be again as well!” is a great example of the many in-depth conversations bands have whilst on a break at practice or sat in the van to a gig. For some the jury may still be out on whether jousting should be brought back but Matilda’s Scoundrels minds were made up ages ago. They wrote this song as an ode to this.

‘Buckets of Blood’ takes a look at the fears we all have in life, whether that be of death or even leaving the house each day and facing these fears head on. We will always come up against new things that scare us but you should always try to be brave and keep pushing back, for it is these trials and tribulations of life that shape us.

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