Manchester Punk Festival (E-ticket, T-Shirt & Sweater Bundle)


This is an early bird ticket for the Manchester Punk Festival on 17/18th April with a t-shirt and sweater bundle. There will also be some extra goodies thrown in as well include a TNS compilation and some badges. It is an e-ticket and we will send you a code within 2 weeks. Please check your junk mail.

There are two designs for the t-shirt, pick from the drop box which one you want. We will presume that you want the same size sweater as t-shirt. The hoodie will have the record player design on the front. If you want this changed please drop an email to Packs won”t be sent out until the start of April or you can select for them to be picked up at the gig.

The festival will take place at Sound Control across two stage on 18 April. There will also be some pre and after show gigs.

For the latest information on MPF please check the website, facebook and twitter.

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