Los Salvadores – Excerpt From A Ward (CD)


A three-track demo from UK-based Los Salvadores released in 2008. Excerpt From A Ward has ska punk, math rock and nu-metal influences.

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“Opening with a menacing synth growl before flying off to scattershot math-rock territory with nu-metal skirmishes…There’s a really nice Spanish-sounding guitar break and occasionally the drum-beat hits ska time and the song picks up flavour in a kind of Gogol Bordello-lite fashion.” Owain Paciuszko

Los Salvadores are:
Sittingbourne Band
Gareth Arnold – Vocals
Martin Whiskin – Guitar / Vocals
Matthew Selfe – Mandolin / Banjo
Peter Blackett – Keyboards

Luke Renton – Bass
Huw Arnold – Drums / Vocals

Recorded by Ben Humphries and mixed by John Mitchell at ‘Outhouse Studios’ August 2008.

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