Lights Go Out Zine #59


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Issue 59 – Released August 2018

Special edition: Shit Questions For Great Bands

We found a feature over on Noisey about shitty interview questions, so we thought we’d ask every single one of them to a few bands as a bit of fun…

Starring: Edgarville, Static, Herida Profunda, The Hoors, Rites Of Hadda, The Papashangoes, Trigger McPoopshute, Intercourse, Vanetine Gray, Modern Day Dukes, Hoax, Cat Dail, Christmas, Idle Bones, George Gadd, Codebreak, F. Emasculata, Snide, Riviera Kid, Adam K’s Unholy Trinity, Youth Killed It, The Restless Coast, Wood, You Know The Drill, Lesser Known Character, Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate, Tio Rico, Last Reserves, Johnny & The Mental Breakdowns, Audio Karate, Crash Induction, The Yalla Yallas, Truth Equals Treason, Trophy Jump, Osmium Guillotine, Marx, Second In Line, Copywronged, No Thrills, Maypine, Bandits, Howlin Bones, Sweet Empire, Uniforms, Hotwired, Kringer And The Battle Katz & Resuscitators.

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