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**This is an album pre-order. We will ship ahead of release on the 7th April. Please order separately if you want to receive another release sooner.**

Punk ‘super group’, Knife Club return with their second studio album, ‘Our Club, Our Rules’. The new album features 11 tracks of catchy punk, with more personal lyrical themes, such as mental health, depression, addiction and female visibility in society. The addition of keys has driven the melodies on several of the songs.

Singer Andy thinks “the addition of the keys has really pushed the melodies and made the tunes pretty catchy, even though the lyrics are fairly dark at times. Getting to know everyone better has been incredible. Basically having to go on holiday for the weekend for a practice is actually pretty mint”. The band features members of Nosebleed, Haest, Casual Nausea, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man and Matilda’s Scoundrels, and are based in Manchester, Leeds, Hastings and Ipswich, which is quite frankly ridiculous. Mark Tanner has now joined full time on bass guitar and Kim Morey has joined on keytar and vocals. This was produced by Ben Hannah and mastered by Dave Draper.

The album is now available to pre-order ahead of its release on the 7th April. TNSrecords are joining forces with loads of awesome labels to release the album on pink and baby blue vinyl. TNS are joined by Kink (Germany), DIY Kolo (Poland), 5FeetUnder (Denmark), No Time (US), Geenger (Croatia), Deadlamb (Ireland) and Aktiver Ausstand in Plastic (Germany). If you’re not based in the UK, it’s best to order from them. Find all the links here –

The first 50 people to buy the album on vinyl from TNSrecords will receive an exclusive zine, which includes art for each individual song, designed by the members of the band.

Duck Egg – 400
Pink – 100

“It is more than a bit special… a rip roaring ride of amazing stuff… seriously amazing lyrics… watch out for this band, they are gonna storm the DIY punk scene once lockdown is over”. Issue Zine

“A masterclass in marketing… they implore us to ‘get involved and play a part”; the type of inclusive gang mentality that will make you want to sign up to be a card-carrying member of Knife Club – you’ll need your own ‘shit tattoo’ though.” 5/5 The Punk site

“This is a love letter to a community written by those that know it best.” Tonko Jeff

“Post-pretentious.” Shout Louder

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Knife Club - Our Club, Our Rules (Vinyl)

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