Jeffy’s First Christmas


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I (Matt) had the idea to make a Christmas version of our EP while I was at work one night. I excitedly texted Mike and Josh, who didn’t seem too stoked. By the time I got home I had most of the lyrics planned out for the entire release. Turns out it’s pretty easy to write a song when you already know the melody, structure, rhyme scheme, etc. I sent the two of them the lyrics and they were on board. Now, admittedly, this is a silly idea, but I think that if a band I liked did this, I would be totally into it, and I just hoped there would be people out there who felt that way about us. I thought about recording a version of “Jingle Bells” that had mostly the original lyrics, but at the end I would sing an alternate chorus about some of our Community Records friends. We didn’t get this EP done as quickly as I had hoped, though, and I thought recording a new song would be really pushing it. But I included the alternate lyrics down below, just for fun. You can think of what might have been, or record your own Comm Recs “Jingle Bells”.

Jingle Bells, Jonzee smells
D-Ray laid a Greg
And TFT’s final LPs will never see the light of day, hey
Jingle Bells, five Leavelles
In our community
From Flying Circus we say “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”
To our friends and family

1.) You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out
2.) Perpetual Clothing Machine
3.) The Toy Maker
4.) I Have A Snowman
5.) Christmas Hymn of the Republic

Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus is:
Matt Wixson – guitars, vocals, keys
Josh Young – bass guitar, vocals
Mike Land – Drums, vocals, percussion

Additional musicians:
Bud Koltys – trombone
Mark Van Baak – tenor saxophone
Adam Gill – trumpet
Danny Santos – additional vocals

Things Done With Brains And Computers:
Produced by MWFC and Ben Wixson
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Ben Wixson
Artwork by Greg Rodirigue


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