Inner Terrestrials – Tales of Terror


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Double gate-fold vinyl album with 12 page booklet.

This is vinyl recording at it’s very best! It would have lost sound quality if it had been squeezed on to a single long play vinyl, instead, you get the absolute crispest sound – so vinyl and Hi Fi freaks will be happy.

On the road for 18 years, Londons legendary Inner Terrestrials are a stomping mix of dub, punk, ska, folk and general anarchic danceability. They get audiences all over the world going crazy, from Bristol to Berlin, from Tokyo to Warsaw and beyond. Serial travellers they’ve played more than 24 countries and countless festivals over the years and are as passionate as a band can be. Original pioneers of the uk dub punk sound, Heads up folks they’re coming to a festival/venue/bar/squat/barn/field/site/ near you soon!

“from full on raging songs to laid back dub and everything in between….. very few bands these days sing the words and actually live by them. the terrestrials are that band”.- rough trade records ”

Inner Terrestrials skanked things up with their dub heavy beat.. it made a pleasant change to see so many people getting down to things with such a happy intensity.. this certainly had me hungering for those days of urban free festivals on acid. What has happened to the spirit of England? For a brief 45 minutes IT set it all free again” – live4metal

This is a fantastic thing!.

The great and the good built a house of cards
It all feel down watch it all fall down
Ice caps melt as the ordinance flies
Poison in the air poison in the ground
These men had a big plan
A dream come true to profit the few
To protect their wealth sticky hands in the till
Bullets fly in distant lands

Tales of terror got me turning in my sleep
Will this nightmare last forever? I hear broken mothers weep
Tales of terror leave me cold in restless dreams of world war three
And in the shadows the torture victims scream

Accusations fly, threats all the time
Tales of terror, menace, crime
Stay indoors it’s not safe outside
Stand in line and stay in line
Must go forward no way back
Our ways are just and our aim is true
They defied us, defied us, defied us… now we attack!

Tales of terror…

No not you just drink your tea
And watch the news sat on your arse
No need to soil those sticky hands
Our troops will crush our enemies
These men swarm like flies
Around corruption greed and lies
Fanatics, lunatics and crooks
The weak must die, the strong must die

Tales of terror…

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