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**This is the pre-order of ‘Belabour’, the new album from Haest. Orders will be shipped the week of release on the 13th Jan 2023. If you want to receive another release sooner, please order separately**

We’re please to announce ‘Belabour’, the second full length album from Hasting’s doom punks Haest. We’re teaming up with our friends No Time Records in the US to bring you the album on vinyl, CD and tape.

Haest’s sound has been constantly moving. In the past they have taken cues from hardcore, doom, sludge, noise as well as a vast number of other styles. It is on ‘Belabour’ that Haest have truly found their own voice. Over the course of these 11 tracks, they have managed to forge an entirely individual sound of their own. Whilst ‘Belabour’ does explore many vastly different genres the overall effect flows seamlessly to create a cohesive set of songs always eager to surprise the listener with where they’re going to go next.

In the past, Haest’s releases have each been separated from each other not only by their constantly evolving sound but also by each one playing upon different lyrical themes and ‘Belabour’ is no different. On this record Haest are discussing how “we are who we pretend to be”, particularly in a modern digital age where we play out our lives through second hand versions of ourselves and how these make-believe lives infect our reality. The album’s title can mean “to attack someone physically or verbally” or “to argue a point in excessive detail”; both symptoms of our social media obsessed world.

The heavy lyrical themes have not affected the band’s sense of humour, however, and still intact are song titles chosen randomly from a list of absurd quotes collected whilst the band members are on the road. This list has become something of a legend and, at this point, clocks-in in the thousands but here we’re treated to such accidental wisdom as “It’s Only Poison If You Die”, the deliberate nonsense of “Car Crash Chip Gunge”, the stern warning “If Debbie Had Done Dover She’d Be Dead” and the completely unexplainable “Scatnan”.

Following on from their 2020 debut album “Anomie” as well as a number of well received EP’s and a couple of tracks on the recent TNSrecord’s “International Split LP” (alongside Batwolf, Christmas and Electric Frankenstein), Haest’s second album “Belabour” continues their experiments into what is possible in the realm of DIY punk music.

Since the release of their debut, Haest have been a constant fixture on the DIY punk scene playing up and down the country and in mainland Europe including support slots with Cro-Mags, Skindred, Clowns, Discharge, Subhumans and many more. They have played slots on many major festivals including Rebellion, Manchester Punk Fest and Wotsit Called Fest in their home town of Hastings.

Recorded once more at The Organworks with Ben Hannah after a long gestation period over the Covid lockdown, ‘Belabour’ is a huge step forward for the band but it still feels like this is only the start of how far they can push themselves in the years to come.

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