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We are incredibly excited to bring you the second album from Cardiff’s hardcore punks Grand Collapse. ‘Along The Dew’ does not disappoint and perfectly follows on from the bands frantic debut ‘Far From The Callous Crowd’. ‘Along The Dew’ delivers everything you want from Grand Collapse; it’s aggressive with loads of energy, massive riffs and non-stop. The album is available to pre-order now  on vinyl and CD and will be dispatched the week of it’s release on 19th May!

This is what the band have to say about the album. “We’ve spent the last three years touring the Far From The Callous Crowd record to death so at the beginning of 2016 we thought it about time we cracked on with making a new album. Writing and performing new songs was a breath of fresh air and we were excited to capture it in the studio. On reflection I think this album is more chaotic and aggressive than the first. It has a lot of energy, a ton of riffs and is unrelenting in pace. Topically I’ve covered the DSEI arms fair, our trial against the UKBA, the convenient death of Luciano Ponzetto & the harrowing nature of domestic abuse. The title track, Along the Dew, is a fictional short story about a fallen huntsman struggling through the wintry earth and being chewed by woodland creatures. Happy stuff like that. We’re really happy with this effort, which is saying something because we’re a bunch of pedantic bastards when it comes to this stuff.”

As with their debut album, the artwork is a woodcut print made by the amazing artist John Abell. To find out more about him, head to his website.

Make sure you check out Grand Collapse during their upcoming tour in May and June. Here are the dates;

Have a listen to Grand Collapse’s debut album below.
Far From The Callous Crowd by GRAND COLLAPSE

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