Four Letter Word – Follow As The Crow Flies


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Eighteen years. Twenty three members. Seventy five songs. Four albums. Seven EPs. Thirteen compilations. Seven labels. One hundred and ninety three gigs. Six countries. One hundred and twenty six floors. Two thousand four hundred and thirteen strings. Eleven amps. Six drum kits. Four hundred and twenty seven skins. Three thousand and twelve sticks. Two hundred and four plectrums. Thirteen cases of tinnitus. Five thousand two hundred and ninety seven beers. Fourteen vans. Forty eight flights. Two ferries. Eight hundred and forty four practices. Thirty five thousand and thirteen pounds. One lawsuit. Two trade marks. Three chords. Two fingers. Four Letter Word.

Track listing

1. City Of The Blind

2. 20,000 Leagues Beneath The Scene

3. The Claw

4 .Bargain Bin Of History

5. Breakthrough Song

6. Vacant Lot

7. Kid Against The Wall

8. A Chink In The Armour

9. Unfinished Symphonies

10. Street Where I Grew Up


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