ECO – Orizzote, Divorami (CD)


ECO are founded in anti-fascism and in self-production. With lyrics in Italian and fast music they intend to shout their dissent.

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The Eco project: Dario, Ema and Andy was born in early 2013. Our roots are founded in anti-fascism and in self-production: an instrument of defense and reaction to an increasingly stringent system. With lyrics in Italian and fast music we intend to shout our dissent. Let the Echo spread!

This record encapsulates a journey that anyone could take: Following one’s own path through ideas and projects is hard work and sometimes it requires clean cuts with one’s own past. Aspire to a life where compromise is forced is not the daily bread in the search for a full and emancipated freedom. Give up the constant rape of the most intimate and collective values it is essential in the search for one’s own rebirth. The fundamental historical memory must be supported by the urgent need to fight against all the pressures and incessant forms of exploitation, finding more every day someone to run with…

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