Heresy – 1985-87 Coloured 12″ Vinyl LP


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Heresy is one of the most influential UK Hardcore Punk bands ever to exist. From 1985-1989 the band were one of the leading lights of the rapidly expanding UK scene. Heresy’s back catalogue has been totally re-mastered by Kalv Piper and Steve “Bazâ€ï† Ballam from the band and “1985-87â€ï† is the first of a trilogy of discographies that Boss Tuneage has released (along with Face Up To It and 20 Reasons to End It All). This traces the early formative years of the band, from their previously unreleased 7 song demo tape from 1985 to the debut 6 track “Never Healedâ€ï† flexi-disc 7â€ï†EP and contains the virtually-impossible-to –find 4 song “Thanksâ€ï† 7â€ï† EP. In addition 2 previously unreleased tracks complete the 19 track album. With extensive sleeve notes from Kalv, the repackeged vinyl version (available again for the first time in three years) features tons of never seen before photos, tour posters and lyrics. An absolute must for any fan of Heresy or UK hardcore.

FORMAT: Limited Edition 12″ Coloured Vinyl LP;

500 copies on Dark Green Vinyl



1. Never Healed

2. Deprived

3. Mentally Conned

4. Blinded By Power

5. Heresy (Instrumental)

6. Cries Of Want

7. Intro / Disfigured World

8. Never Healed

9. Despair

10. Deathbiter

11. Anguish Of War

12. More Blood Is Shed

13. Dead

14. Visions In Fear

15. Path To Decadence

16. Make The Connection

17. Trapped In A Scene

18. Network Of Friends

19. Acceptance


Cat #: BTRCRS007

Label: Boss Tuneage

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