Dead City Riot – Die Hipster Scum Vol.1 (Card CD)


Dead City Riot – Die Hipster Scum Vol.1 (Card CD). Revolutionary music, for revolutionary people, in a beautiful card CD.

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Think for yourself, fight for the whole.

Revolutionary music, for revolutionary people.
Dead City Riot is comprised of a group of individual artists. As a group of freethinkers we find that we do not always agree with one another 100% of the time. Although, as a group of like minded people we find common ground, and understand that we are all struggling toward the same goal. As a band, Dead City Riot, would like to see ourselves as more than simply a group of musicians, we see ourselves as part of an ever growing, international, revolutionary movement continuously moving towards freedom, justice, and peace. We stand in firm solidarity with all working, and lower class peoples. We are anti-fascist, anti-hierarchical, and stand in direct opposition to all oppression. We hope that through our art and actions we can spread the word of revolutionary cause, in hopes that one day we may achieve freedom, justice, and peace for all peoples.
Stray strong, and fight on!
Dead City Riot

released July 1, 2015


1 Die Hipster Scum
2 New Days
3 The Cost
4 Now!
5 I Can’t Breathe

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