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The new album by Chicago punk rock heroes Counterpunch is a mix of hard hitting in your face punk rock and pop punk gems!

Produced by Mark Michalik, who has produced all The Swellers albums, Counterpunch take the pop punk sensibilities of The Swellers and even early day Fall Out Boy, and mix it up with some hard hitting melodic hardcore which will leave fans of Much The Same and Bigwig in heaven.


‘Combining a powerful, gritty sound with driving melodies and hooks, the 4-piece bring to the table a style reminiscent of The Swellers, with all the drive and gusto of Rise Against’ÂÂ

‘If you like The Swellers and EpiFat bands of the 90s, you will like this. Guaranteed.’ÂÂ

Track listing

1. Heroes & Ghosts

2. High Tide For Internal Strife

3. The Great Regression

4. And Everybody’s Right (Asshole)

5. Constraints and Anchors

6. When The Curtains Close

7. We Believe

8. March Of The Paper Tiger

9. Strings Of Destiny

10. Sweet and Sour

11. A Raven’s Curse

12. Parasites

13. So Long

Cat #: DIC004

Label: Disconnect Disconnect Records

Released: Oct, 2010

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