Conflicto Urbano – Desafio del Miedo


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After a well taking ep,this guys from Peru wanted to offer more of them so came this Lp debut to light,this time the sound changed but the intensity stay there,the sound is more a heavy Hardcore with some metal wind with positive message that make think for better.Songs that are heavy,faster and quite dark,let you listen and recognise the point of views of the band.Available on CD.

01 No Necesito

02 Aca No Hay Amigos

03 Ego Del Odio

04 Tierra De Sombras

05 El Precio

06 Una Razón

07 Nada

08 Prefiero Morir

09 Hoy Por Siempre

10 Ahora No

11 Solo Por Mí

Label: Entes Anomicos

Release Date: 2012

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