Chillerton – Bleak Unison CD


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The solitary album by CHILLERTON.. The record rages with raw, melodic punk, inspired by the likes of Leatherface, Gunmoll and Jawbreaker – in a scene rife with insipid and bland corporate “emo” rock, Chillerton were one of the best bands out there – and we really miss them!

Track listing

1. All We Know

2. Homeshy

3. Death In Both Ears

4. Rusted Strings

5. Holden

6. Let’s Get Reckless!

7. If One Is Three There’s Four

8. It Runs Around the Room And Me

9. Elephant & Castle

10. Fingers Crossed

11. Chorus Of broken bottles

12. You’ve Got Red On You

Cat #: BTRC009

Label: Boss Tuneage

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