Chewed Up – Piss Poor Peasants (Card CD)


Chewed Up are a bit of ska, a bit of hardcore, a bit of crusty thrash, one noisy 5 piece.

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Chewed Up are Antifascist Skacore bikepunks; a DIY ANTI-SKA project from Sheffield. Bits of skacore hammered together with bits of UK82 and 80s Crust. Walk in the Bike lane when they’re around and you’re going to get reprimanded. Peddling their brand of shout along dancing numbers with some seriously abrasive vocals. For fans of Leftover Crack/R.A.M.B.O. 

Bitter Dose “Great EP, a lot more Ska influence “Ska-Core???” than the songs on their recent split with Casual Nausea, but still some really great stuff on here. Favorite track: Twisted Morality.”

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