Byenary – Byenary (CD)


This is the self-titled 6 track debut album by Byenary, a two-piece queercore punk band from London. Released by Hell Hath No Fury Records in 2020.

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BYENARY are a two-piece queercore punk band from London. Bringing trans experiences to the forefront of their agenda. Born from the pain of being Assigned Flawed & Miscreants At Birth.

This is their self-titled debut album, released by Hell Hath No Fury Records.

“A formidable slice of queercore punk driven by an unrelenting angst-fuelled power and the fierce, visceral refrain “I’m not your fucking princess”. An absolutely essential listen right now, smashing through the confines of heteropatriarchal binaries and pushing for trans liberation, at a time when voices like these need to be heard more than ever.” – Get In Her Ears

released August 28, 2020

Lyrics by Chuck SJ
Additional Lyrics on Pint of Piss by Stevie Butler

Guitar, Bass and Vocals by Chuck SJ
Drums and Vocals by Jodi M Burn
Backing Vocals by Kate Wintie

Recorded and Produced by Kate Wintie at Aim4 Studios
Mastered by Toyah Hoetze

Album Art and Design by Echo Obnoxious and Lindsay Harden

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