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**This is the pre-order of the debut album ‘2.0’ from ‘Brassick’. It will be posted ahead of the release on 17th April. If you want to receive another release sooner, please order separately.**

Brum hardcore stalwarts Brassick return for their long awaited 2nd full length album with the imaginatively titled “2.0” bought to you by TNSrecords & Mass Prod (FR).

The release promises an unrelenting barrage of fast-paced hardcore punk, a sprinkling of thoughtful melodies, massive guitar sounds and pulsating gravely bass that Lemmy himself would be proud of. The strong thought provoking lyrics tackle a range of social and political issues, delivered by the brilliantly unique vocal equivalent of being punched in the face by Tyson.

Recorded and produced at Studio 58 by guitarist Pete MacBeth, mastered by Ed Hall at All Silk Mastering House. With guest spots from the legendary Jock Blyth from GBH and up and coming ska punk reprobate Chris Scott from the band Sick Pins.

Brassick. Ever out spoken, with a tendency not to take themselves too seriously whilst sporting a true anti fascist, anti capitalist and pro equality message. This carnage can be heard through their lyrics and live shows, banging out powerful rhythms, aggressive guitars and vocals with more bollocks than you would know what to do with.

Forming in late 2012 Brassick have been around a decent amount of time and have developed a style, while remaining true to their roots along the way. Anyone that listens to the new record and or sees them live in 2020 will recognise everything that bought them to this point while seeing a completely different animal entirely.

Brassick 2.0 will be available on limited White 12” vinyl, CD and digital formats, on 17th April!

Track Listing:

  1. Vultures Of The Poor
  2. They Say
  3. It Could Have Been Any Of Us
  4. They Saved Us
  5. A Half Life
  6. Nobody
  7. Anslinger
  8. Peanut Gallery
  9. 39 Souls
  10. Stagnate
  11. Pull Me Up
  12. No Longer
  13. Until It’s Gone
  14. Always Exist

“There were times we didn’t think it would ever get finished let alone released. We have over come many hurdles and even more studio tantrums to get to this point, it’s actually been pretty hard letting it go! We are really proud of what we have made and hopefully someone aside from myself will like it too!” Pete (Brassick)

“What a fucking slog this album has been but it sure has been worth it. I hope you like your ears bleeding, you’re welcome” Nicola (Brassick)

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