Bobby Pins and the Saloon Soldiers – Dancing On The Moon


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1. Duel By Dawn

2. Dancing On The Moon

3. Streets Of Soul

4. Hobo In The Grass

5. No Reason

6. The Revenge

7. My Best Boy

8. Sunday

9. Place In The Sun

10. Poise And Fame

11. Silent River

12. Reaching For The Sky

13. For A Good Reason

14. Poise And Organ

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Label: Mad Butcher Records, KOB Records, Redstar73 Records

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Once upon a time in the far east of Germany, a gang of outlaws came in the contemplative city Dresden. They called them the Saloon Soldiers cause they drunk for a whole army, and don’t go till the bottles are empty. This bunch of wild musicians strolled through the saloons in search of a trio with an angelic voice. But mostly they sat on the bar and took a lot of booze till dawn. But one evening they heard three girls singin’ on the street. This was the enlightenment for them and from now on the Saloon Soldiers always jammin’ with the Bobby Pins, and it worked great!

The Band was complete. But who are these incredible bandsman? First there are the three Girls called the Bobby Pins. Luise, Dorit &  Lotti brings you this ruff and tuff 60’s soulsound when they’re preaching you some tales about life. You will be hypnotysed forever! Now we come to the Saloon Soldiers, the rollin’ barrel behind the girls. The guy with the sticks is BJ, the raging whirlwind behind the drums.He carves the riddim in your ear.Next one is the Five-String-Heavyweight Cleman. This bubblebass machine gonna move your feet. Bernd on the Rythm Guitar is the guy with the english smile. It sounds like a cuttin’ blade when he slash over his sixstring. The unshaved gringo on the keys is AL. With his burnin’ organ he howls to the moon till you cry. The tall Nice Guy on the Lead Guitar is Max. He spit the pepper in this soup! Our sharp dressed man with the treasure chest is Albi. He sounds the trumpet fast and wild and handle a lot of crazy percussion toys too! Together they bring you an Early Reggae Explosion with a hot soulful mood. If you see some Wanted posters from this Group in your town, then be sure that you will more then sweat when you meet them!

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