Beng Beng Cocktail – S/T (CD)


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Beng Beng Cocktail’s ‘Choices’ was one of those albums we just listened to over and over again. It’s an absolute classic. Imagine Rodrigo y Gabriela in some sort of bar fight with Rancid and add some Hip Hop-esque vocals and you won’t be far off the mark. Brilliant stuff! Beng Beng Cocktail label themselves as Crystalcore. They “take into consideration both DIY and ‘We do what we like and we like what we do’ concepts”. The band say “crystalcore breaks out through uncontaminated beat, genuine ska tones and straightforward acoustic radiance out coming from insistent hardcore voices shaped by the daily nightmare of human kind.” When the opportunity came along to release their new album, we jumped at the chance. Now featuring a drummer and a faster and more aggressive delivery, this is another absolute belter that you need in your life.

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