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Choices is the latest 13 track attempt from the french acoustic skacore trio, Beng Beng Cocktail. Loads of great new tracks, their unique blend of skacore on acoustic guitars/bass would be for fans of that crack rock stedy beat + hip hop. 1 track ft. Kevin (The Decline) + and a Stupid Stupid Henchmen cover as well!

1 Beware Of The Plague

2 We Are The 99%

3 Gaming Is A Crime

4 I Sing A Song

5 Choices

6 I’ve Broken A String

7 Everything I Do Is So Wrong

8 Why Hip Hop Doesn’t Rhyme With Hop?

9 Random Regiment Of The Unknown Nation

10 Dreams & Culture

11 UK Stories

12 One Million Stitches

13 Dying In Honor


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