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CD version of the new LP of this Peruvian Crustcore-Hardcore band, that also include live bonus tracks. With the time the band got a good name not only in the scene of Peru but also in Latin America as well, they grow up in every releases and you can feel on this new one that they reached a point of maturity in music and lyrics and always working in a DIY basis
Track list:

1. Organiza El Odio

2. Miedo

3. Mucho Para Pocos

4. Tercer Mundo

5. Libre Comercio

6. Herencia

7. La Desesperacion Se Ha Vuelto Inmigracion

8. Desnutricion

9. Escupe A Las Banderas

10. Mamachas

11. Sin Salida (Live)

12. Niños Parias (Live)

13. Multinacionales Asesinas (Live)

14. A Quien Le Sirve La Ley (Live)

Cat #: EnA002

Label: Entes Anomoicos

Release Date: 2010



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