Alucard – Rock And Roll Death Machine


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Review taken from Terror Music Scene Unite

Artist:  Alucard

Album: Rock N’ Roll Death Machine

Track Listing:

  1. Rock N’ Roll Death Machine
  2. Cemetery Row
  3. Voodoo Doll
  4. Graveyard Shift
  5. Every Night Is Halloween
  6. 666 Gun Outlaws
  7. Dead Men Tell No Tales
  8. Viddy Well
  9. Blood Over Santa Carla
  10. Till Death

Band Members: Hero Bishop- Lead vokills/guitar. Stelle Christ- Backup Vokills/Bass and Joey Gruesome- Thunder Cannons. (I was told last night that they have a new bass player known as CJ Child of the Night).

Alucard rises out of the coffins at night in Nashville, Tennessee.  This is the 2nd review I have done for these guys and once again I was really impressed with this album. As I said in my last review for these guys, they are one of the up and coming bands in the horror rock scene. Personally I like this album more than the last but both are very good.  My favorite song’s off this album are “Rock N’ Roll Death Machine” and “Blood Over Santa Carla”. I have yet to see these guys play but I’m telling you, from what I’ve heard, if these guys play in a town near you, be sure to check em out. I suggest them to anyone who are fans of old AFT or Calabrese.

This band sure knows how to pick a song to start off an album. This one starts out with the title track, “Rock N’ Roll Death Machine”. If the intro to the song doesn’t get your attention the rest of the song will. This one reminds me of a good ole’ rock n’ roll song, which is perfect for the name. The way the vokills are in this song are what caught my attention. It just goes perfect for the song.  Then towards the end of the song is a band chant that tells us the name of the song and I completely dig the chant. I also love the drum fills throughout this song. As I stated above my other favorite song off this album is “Blood Over Santa Carla”, which if your a horror fan and you like The Lost Boys you are sure to like this song. With any good horror rock album, this song has those catchy “whoas” that make it even more catchy. I can’t lie, I enjoy this song the most off the album.

These guys better stick around for awhile. If they’ve risen this much into the horror rock scene so far, I can’t wait to see where they’re at in the next few years. I really suggest you all check this band out. You won’t be disappointed. As stated above, if you like old AFI  or Calabrese then you should really like these guys.

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