All People – Communicate (12″)

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release #028
released January 18. 2013

Honesty. Above all else, that is the word that represents this debut EP from New Orleans based All People. Despite our collective reservations and fears born of our own dreams and ambitions leading up to writing this record, the final documentation can only be described as pure energy as a result of teamwork. Most of everything you hear on this record was recorded live with all four members in one room, feeding off the energy of having just spent a weekend in the woods together writing the album. This collection of 8 tracks is indeed an ALBUM and should be approached as such: 22 minutes of nonstop music, thoughtfully sequenced by it’s creators to provide a window into their view of the world in which we live.

Our project is a refection of the music and sounds that we enjoy: atmospheric dub reggae, expressive punk, abrasive hardcore, afro-beat rhythm, poetry, and mindful lyrics. We did our best to create a realm where all of our passions and ideas could be expressed and enjoyed. This album is our first attempt to document that realm and present it to our friends to hear. Thanks for being here with us.

  • ALL PEOPLE – 1. Introduction
  • ALL PEOPLE – 2. Sometimes
  • ALL PEOPLE – 3. An Impression
  • ALL PEOPLE – 4. Unhindered
  • ALL PEOPLE – 5. Untitled
  • ALL PEOPLE – 6. Forever Dub
  • ALL PEOPLE – 7. Fleeting
  • ALL PEOPLE – 8. Industry
  • ALL PEOPLE – COMMUNICATE (full record)

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