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After 18 years and countless gigs, Pete and Fred are calling it a day. Grab yourself a copy of their final album, Into Oblivion.

“This record was lovingly crafted by Matt Martin and 2 Sick Monkeys on location at the Methodist Church Shed, Wootton Bassett, and Pete’s flat in Shithouse, Swindon, and was beautifully and patiently mixed and mastered by Matt at MOA, Bulgaria.

It would also not have been possible without the very kind and generous help of:
Beanie for recording her vocals at Yard Of Ale, Bristol and Manchester
and for recording Porl’s vocals at DBS, Bristol
Ian Upsettah at Worse Than Bad Studios, Bristol for recording all of Ed’s vocals
Jon Buckett at Amber Studios, Swindon, for recording Shaun’s vocals
Stu McKay at Studio 6, Wootton Bassett, for recording Fred and Pete’s extra backing vocals
Adam Chinner at Freefall Studios, St Just, Cornwall, for recording Rash Decision’s and Simon’s vocals

And, of course, Matt & Bo at Pumpkin Records, Someone at Smegma Records, Steve at Urinal Vinyl, Shawn, Zoe, Ed, Simon & Matt at Uncomfortable Beach Party, Archly Huge at DeadLamb Records, Alec & Tony at Antipop Records, Calum at Shatterpunk Records, Mr T at Back From The Dead Records and Alex at One Step Outside Records
Thank you so much, folks!


released September 7, 2018

2 Sick Monkeys are:

Fred – Drums / Vocals
Pete – Bass / Vocals

Beanie – All vocals on Waves, backing vocals on Before I Die, The Boatman, The Mask and Leaving.
Ed Ache – All Vocals on These Are The Things That Don’t Seem Like Fun To Me
George McDonald – Intro
Porl Denman – Vocals on Leaving
Rash Decision – Vocals on Blurrr III
Shaun Buswell – Vocals on Swamp Too
Simon Walker – Vocals on Misery
Stuart Hawkins – Angry. I’m Really. Angry

All songs Butler / Cooper
Blinko And I – Lyrics by Paul Hatherley
The Boatman – Lyrics by Matt (Dead Subverts)
The Mask – Lyrics by Jeeves Butler
These Are The Things That Don’t Seem Like Fun To Me – Lyrics by Ed Ache”

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