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S3 Episode 56 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

This week, Col ‘Mitten-Licker’ Armstrong from MBBP joins TNS Radio in order to plug all of his upcoming gigs. Along the way he entertains co-host and TNS Radio regular Mike by talking about imaginary football, and why his label partner Matt Woods and Maggie Thatcher have never been seen in the same place at the same time.

There is also plenty of music, with songs that showcase both punk and hardcore. It’s positively cosmopolitan.

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The show also goes on on Real Punk Radio on Thursdays at 5pm Eastern time and on Punk Rock Demo at 7pm Pacific time.

Songs played:

  1. SNFU – Cannibal Café
  2. Nothing Clean – Piss Prism
  3. Piss On Authority – A.N.A.B. (All Nazis Are Bastards)
  4. The Repossessed – Make Your Own Utopia
  5. This Ends Here – Resignation
  6. Wolfbeast Destroyer – Toast the Disgrace
  7. AVAS – Walk Away
  8. Forged in the Furnace of the Sun – Faceless
  9. Down and Outs – We’re Down and Out
  10. Grand Collapse – Far From the Callous Crowd
  11. Void – Who Are You?
  12. Leatherface – Not a Day Goes By
  13. Modern Pain – Holy Foundations Crumble
  14. Renounced – Aching
  15. Carnist – Unlearn
  16. JOTNARR – Rise By Sin
  17. Tyrannicide – Security

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