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S3 Episode 54 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

This Week on TNSradio: Music! Wild speculation! Morally ambiguous discussions!

Scott and Ricky return this week to play a tonne (SI metric standard) of tracks that they have discovered so far this year, as well as a dash of their old favourites. Conversation topics include: blind guesses on other presenters conversation topics and their picks of favourite fictional orphans.

In particular, definitely listen out for a track from the newest upcoming FAINTEST IDEA album, a never-before-heard song by GANG OF GOLD, ‘His Dark Materials’ themed tunes from VIVA ZAPATA! and looking forwards to MPF from THE MEMORY

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The show also goes on on Real Punk Radio on Thursdays at 5pm Eastern time and on Punk Rock Demo at 7pm Pacific time.

Here is what they played:

1. Faintest Idea – Circling The Drain
2. The Great St. Louis – Safe
3. Ted Dibiase and the Million Dollar Punk Band – Something like You
4. Pizza Tramp – Tramp Life
5. Dead Koys – Trauerlack
6. The Infested – The Right To Die
7. BANGERS – Straight Gin Makes You Batshit Crazy
8. Gang Of Gold – Chorus + Verse
9. Misgivings – Elsewhere
10. Swinelord – Welcome To You’re Doom
11. Wonk Unit – Go Easy
12. The Memory – We Cannot Always Eat Dasies, Sometimes We Must Swallow Shit
13. Viva Zapata! – Silvertongue
14. Holiday – Fuck All For Christmas

Please spread the word if you liked the podcast. Next week’s show will be a special brought to you by someone. Not sure who at the moment. Please get in touch via our facebook page or email if you would like to send us some tunes to play. Stay tuned.

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