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S3 Episode 27 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

This week Ben and Pete try to fit as many songs in an hour as humanly possible. They announce the line-up for this years Pie Race Festival in Leeds and talk about the other festivals that might be happening and have happened over the past few weeks and months. This week Pete doesn’t make any silly noises… which we kind of miss (and he calls himself a percussionist). Featuring tracks by, 2 Sick Monkeys, Ming City Rockers, The Franceens, Tim Loud, Inner Terrestrials, The Kirkz and more!

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The show also goes on on Real Punk Radio on Thursdays at 5pm Eastern time and on Punk Rock Demo at 7pm Pacific time.

Here is what they played:

Skimmity Hitchers – Skimmity Girls
Ming City Rockers – Twist It
The Hunx – Jobsworth
2 Sick Monkeys – Swamp Jacket
Tosserlad – Holiday Steve
ROTPM – The Suffering
Meansteed – Two Good Fists and a Death Wish
The Kimberly Steaks – Chemical Imabalance
Random Hand – Day One
The Franceens – Pledge
Tim Loud – Born to Lose
Inner Terrestrials – War
Barbados Slim – Squeeze My Sack
The 4130s – Outsider
The Hydropaths – Another Night In Hell
The Kirkz – Tanks and Machinery

Please spread the word if you liked the podcast. Next week’s show will be a special brought to you by Matt & Ricky. Please get in touch via our facebook page or email if you would like to send us some tunes to play. Stay tuned.

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