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S3 Episode 17 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

This week Ben and Pete spin an eclectic mix of Punk, Grime, Folk and Garage playing a few post-Strummercamp tunes.

Pete startles Ben with a surprise harmonica, talk about the benefits of naturism at punk rock shows, and “boats”.

Bands played include Matilda’s Scoundrels, Slaves, Akala, Beat The Red Light, Casual Nausia, Wonk Unit and many many many more, interspersed with casual nonsense.

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The show also goes on on Real Punk Radio on Thursdays at 5pm Eastern time and on Punk Rock Demo at 7pm Pacific time.

Here is what they played:

Matilda’s Scoundrels – Folk Shit Up
Merry Hell – No Money
Slaves – Cheer Up London
The Repossessed – Make Your Own Utopia
Akala – Banquet of The Thieves
Shitgripper – Exhale
Fair Do’s – One of Life’s Great Lessons
Beat The Red Light – Solanum
John Player Specials – When all is Said and Done
Casual Nausia – Benefits Benefit No-one
Phat Bollard – Millionaires
Wonk Unit – Je M’Appelle Alex
The Hydropaths – Where Have all The Good Men Gone?

Please spread the word if you liked the podcast. Next week’s show will be brought to you by Matt, Ricky & Scott. Please get in touch via our facebook page or email if you would like to send us some tunes to play. Stay tuned.

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