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S3 Episode 14 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

So this is Jaap and Roy from Black Volvo doing a guest podcast! It’s a special with all the bands playing on their 5 year anniversary party on the 23rd of May in Leiden Rockcity! The focus of the bands is on the dutch punkrock scene, but we got some our favorite bands on it as well! And a special long distance phone interview with Richard because he couldn’t be there!

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The show also goes on on Real Punk Radio on Thursdays at 5pm Eastern time and on Punk Rock Demo at 7pm Pacific time.

Here is what they played:

1. Rene SG FUCKING HELL – Full of Shit
2. The Hofstad Group – Hofstad Blues
3. Destroy Oh Boy – Retoxicated
4. Sink The Bismarck – End Game
5. Joe McMahon – Yesterday
6. Billy Liar – All I’ve Got
7. The Murderburgers – My Inner Mental Room
8. The Peterlees – Luckiest Man Alive
9. Get It Together – Hole In The Head
10. Coral Springs – Yesterday
11. Healer Of Bastards – Half Price Humanity
12. Human Alert – Punk is Porno
13. Don Blake – Pocket Univers
14. Ghost On Tape – Don’t Look Now
15. The Dead Rudolfs – Friday
16. The Drive By Vendettas – Tolerate
17. The Apers – Jamie Oliver
18. Zeke – Mountain Man
19. Heavy Trash – That Ain’t Right
20. Franz Nicolay – Home Is Where They Take You In

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